Hey all, sorry I know its been a while. Last week I travelled back to the UK to be with mum for her first hip replacement surgery. I was so nervous and worried I didn’t know what to do with myself. When I got there it got cancelled and postponed due to a small open wound. We were all devastated. Having got so worked up and nervous to just get dropped like that on the same day, wow yeah, that was a crazy amount of feelings going on. It just shows how plans can change right into the very last minute no matter how big or small they may be. Change in plans, one of my big weaknesses, I don’t really know how to deal with changes in plans at the best of times, even less when I have been super nervous and travelled and got my head in gear to help mum on her journey. Just think of how my mum must feel, I can’t even begin to imagine what a breakdown I would be having inside if I was her.
Once over the initial shock of shock was over we decided to make the most out of me being there. I changed my flight so I wasn’t there for as long as planned but enough for us to have a long weekend together. Quality time with the family. It felt good because I got to help mum get a few more bits and pieces sorted in the house before surgery, so I feel a bit better being able to help with some of the preparations at least. It really is difficult living so far away from my family. No matter if there’s stuff going on or not, it’s tough!

Look at those beautiful cats! Unica, Wilson, Noah Poopooh from topleft to bottom right.

I got the joy of getting to experience the spring. Flowers in bloom, the beautiful vibrant full of life green of the grass and leafs, the beautiful colours on the cherry trees and the flower buds. Oh I love the spring! All this in contrast with the beautiful charming old English village, with old brick walls, quirky houses and blue sky. I fell in love with England all over again!




Wilson was very loving and even had a morning cuddle with Stevie in the morning sun!




I got a belated surgery charm from my mum too. It says fear less, or fearless depending on how you read it. Mum says I am fearless, although I can’t always say I agree but it is a fantastic reminder that I can get though the tough hiccups. It is also a little pep to fear less and just go for it, be brave.

Mum found this old picture that I drew as a child. I love trying to analyse my old pictures and make up meanings behind them, I’m not gonna write about it now though I just think this picture is super cute and wanted to share it.

Hull, city of culture 2017 currently have this Poppy cascade called Weeping Window which is built up of thousands of handmade ceramic poppies by artist Paul Cummins and designer Tom Piper. It was and is such a beautiful sculpture which really stands out. I loved the cascading flow that is really strong at a distance and then the details of each poppy when you get up close to it. It really is a beautiful piece down to every little detail of the poppies.




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