If someone told me in October 2016 that I could go travelling and not have to worry about a toilet every 10 minutes then I wouldn’t believe them! Today I am very grateful for a lot of things in my life. One being my amazing boyfriend who has stood by me through tough times and helped me get through it, but also, Stevie the Stoma! Today we are celebrating 6 months and what better place to celebrate in then Rome!!! I never thought this would be possible when I was at my worst due to ulcerous colitis, but thanks to Stevie I have been able to enjoy this beautiful city, see all these wonderful things and feel good! Thank you Stevie! And thank you Axel for treating me to this trip!

I will update you all more when we get back, now to enjoy the rest of our evening and celebrate the positive things in life ❤ for now here are a few pictures of Me, Axel and Stevie at the Colostrum, for Romano and palatine Hill just to share our love 😊

PS, Stevie has even been out in public as you can see on the pictures 

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