​Debute of many sorts for me today! My first time out fishing! We went out on a little boat in the Öresund with my cousin and her Mr and I got to try fishing. Axel got a medium sized cod and then not too long after my rod started pulling.  I freaked and repeatedly shouter “oh no! Oh no! Oh no!” while my cousin did the same until we eventually handed the rod over and the guys got it out. A big bugger – well in my eyes for a first fish it was big. (In reality not that much bigger than Axels though.) So impressed and my heart was pounding like mad! What an experience! Not at all what I was expecting! I didnt in a million years expert that I would catch a fish, there I was chattong away, just swingens salong with the sea. When we took the fish off the hook we also realised I was fishing with the plastic protectors on all the hooks and somehow still managed to catch it. I must just be a pro 😉😂 
It’s funny to think that when we got there it looked like fishing was out of the question. We got down to the boat with everything, got the boat ready and started moving out just to realise the battery was dead. So in we went again, back to their summer house to eat and watch as the rain started pulling in. A new battery was sorted and after food the guys went to sort the battery out and we followed shortly after only for the rain to pull in aggressively with thunder. Again we went back to the house to dry off, warm up, relax and watch the rain throw down into the sea hoping for better weather. Off with our wet clothes and into dressing gowns, and out came some snacks and it felt like we were at a spa! Luxurious! After an hour or so the sun started peaking out through the dark clouds and the rain calmed. We decided to give it one last try. Third time lucky.  So much fun!
Managed to fillet our fish and made a fantastic dinner. Boiled cod with melted butter, boiled eggs, horseradish, potatoes and grated carrots as we were out of peas. What a taste sensation! So much more flavour than those boring frozen bought little things!
Once again I am extremely grateful for Stevie, because without Stevie the Stoma I would have never been able of go out in a little boat like that! Speaking of Stevie, I best get drinking plenty of mint tea to try to avoid a way too awful smell later 😉 Fishy Stevie emptying later won’t be nice, might need a clothes peg on my nose if the mint tea doesn’t help 🙊
Now I am extremely tired and proud of myself and am gonna lay of the sofa and relax…with a cup of peppermint tea and a belly full of fish!

Love to you all! ❤

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