This week has been tough but nothing like last weekend. So in that sense I have got better! I manage to sleep a bit at night and only have a few desperate toilet trips, which increase on an evening and still some blood but it’s better at least – looking for the positives! I’ve been tired and weak but been at work, good job I have a caring boss who really has looked after me!

I don’t want to let this illness control me, I don’t want to end up how I was pre surgery. I will not let UC take over my life. As my mormor said (although she had cancer so I’ll change it to suit me) “I have ulcerous colitis, ulcerous colitis doesn’t have me!” So that leads me to now being on my way to the airport to go to Berlin for 3 days with work to check out a foundry there. I decided that even though I may not be able to do much I will at least get there, and if I feel too bad I’ll stay on the room and rest there, but at least I have gone! Also hoping that being in Berlin will distract me so I’m not as nervous about the sigmoidoscopy on Tuesday! So wish me luck! Now for mine and Stevies adventure to Berlin!

Have a good weekend everyone! ❤

In the words of Bon Jovi “it’s my life, and it’s now or never, I ain’t gonna live forever”

…well if nothing else I’m singing it in my head as my mantra today! 😂😂😂

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